Hey, my name is Karol Pabich. I’m an ambassador for Alternative Longboards here in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you’ve enjoyed the edit I’ve put together from the finals of our COWS 2016 races, all previous races are also up on my channel.
So let me tell a bit about the races. It’s winter in Melbourne. About 3 months ago Tim Bell told me about his idea of racing through carparks, 10 weeks, 5 races and every race in a different carpark. Together with Sunset Skate Sessions they got into preparing everything, looking for sponsors etc.
It’s a great way to keep the local scene going when the roads outside get a bit wet and the temperature drops. There are plenty of quick and fun carparks spread all over the Melbourne CBD and they’re safe to skate at night. The carparks aren’t too fast for beginners so everyone can participate and have fun. That doesn’t mean it’s boring for advanced riders, they got up to some decent speeds, lots of overtakes and really close encounters…that resulted in a couple crashes, nothing bad luckily.
As for the first time, I think it was a success and everyone really enjoyed it. I’m sure we’ll have another one next year alongside other events in the summer. Once again huge thanks to Sunset Skate Sessions for organizing, everyone that helped and of course all the sponsors that provided us with sick prizes.