CHAUMA M  - Capricorn

CHAUMA M - Capricorn

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Unleash your creativity with the “Skate Everything” mentality of the Chauma M longboard deck designed to defy the laws of gravity and help you progress your skills on all four wheels.

Lenght: 98 cm / 38,58"

Width: 24 cm / 9,44"

Wheelbase: 54,95 cm - 58,95 cm / 21,63" - 23,20" 

Weight: 2,15kg 

Stiffnes: 8/10

Profile : Rocker

Cruising: 8/10 Freestyle: 10/10 Dancing: 4/10 Downhill: 8/10  Freeride: 10/10

Top Veneer


Alternative Longboards x Zodiac

We are born with a sign. Stars overlooking our lives form maps, guiding us through voyages of lifetime. Each of us has its own emblem, proudly representing position of the Sun throughout the year.Since the ancient times it is believed each zodiac depicts our behaviourand having deep knowledge of the stars could forsee what is yet to come. And to this day they leave a special marking on our characters. But years ago who understood the planets, ruled the civilisations. On a dark night with clear sky we can admire the very same view our ancestors once did, and connect with the same paths our zodiacs travel for us each day.

May your plans and people you meet always be in favour of what you are looking for.

Because everyone is born under a lucky star.


Sagittarius gently removed his arrow from the middle of the shooting target. All to hear is sound of clattering hooves... And a strange flap of the fin on the ground... Oh, it must be the Capricorn - the half-goat half-fish! Being one of the mythological creatures is not an easy title. Remember that. With such a long history comes great responsibility. But with your knowledge and self-control you can lead the way for every friend of yours out there. Use the most of this material world and never let your horns pave the way through adversities - always use your heart and soul. Combine all of yours skills, as they will come handy only when joined together. Strength and balance. Stubbornness and modesty. Will power and will to compete.


As an ever-evolving spirit, the Chauma M freestyle longboard features a robust combination of two types of wood. Its new light wood core is sandwiched between hardwood laminates, fiberglass and a layer of carbon fiber to provide vibration damping and just the right stiffness for a comfortable and easy ride, no matter your skill level. With a fat bottom base that extends outwards throughout the whole length of the board and slightly narrows at the front and back side edges, the Chauma M offers wider and deeper wheel wells to enable you to pair it with your favorite trucks and wheels. Chauma M’s construction is further reinforced with protective ABS sidewalls surrounding the wheel wells and kicktails, as well as an extra layer of ABS impact protection on both tips in order to withstand the repetitive motion of freestyle longboarding. Thanks to Chauma M’s top-mount truck mounting system, it not only creates a stable ride but also offers higher maneuverability and a more direct board control when riding.




Flip it, pop it, turn it around – the symmetrical design of the Chauma M makes everything possible, whether you’re riding regular or in switch. With a total length of 98 cm (38.58 inches) and width of 24 cm (9.45 inches), it offers multiple wheelbase options ranging from 55 cm to 59 cm (24.13 inches – 28.20 inches) for a customized ride based on your personal preferences. The Chauma M is paired with a symmetrical stiff flex pattern for better stability, high kicktails, a mellow concave to boost your confidence when riding and a slight rocker that enables you to quickly transition from heelside to toeside slides or effortlessly connect one freestyle trick with another.




The Chauma M was designed to become your ultimate quiver killer. Take it with you to downhill longboard events, freeride session or skate it around the city and even your local skate park. With a versatile design, the Chauma M will suit the needs of both beginners and pros alike.




Symmetrical shape with top-mount truck mounting
Wide platform for a comfortable ride for all shoe sizes
New lightweight core construction
Robust sandwich construction featuring a light wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates
Big wheel wells for higher wheel clearance
ABS impact protection sidewalls on the board’s ends with an additional layer on the nose and tail
High kicktail design for better pop
A mellow concave for good board feel
Rocker for easier edge-to-edge transitions
Symmetrical stiff flex pattern for better stability
Best used for Freeride and Freestyle
Appropriate for all skill levels
Handcrafted in Europe

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