Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out rules for the protection of confidential information relating to Users, including personal data, by the administrator of the data, which is the entity managing Shop hereinafter referred to as the Seller.

For the purpose of interpreting this document, the use definitions are included in the Terms and Conditions of the Shop.

The following information specify how the online shop http://www.alternativelongboards.com/ collects, saves and takes care of private and personal information of all its users:

1. When using the Shop, the Customer may be asked to provide his/her personal data, necessary for the provision of services by the Seller:

during registration at the Shop (name and surname or company name, delivery address, phone number, e-mail)

the expression of the desire of service Newsletter (e-mail)

when ordering (name and surname or company name, delivery address, phone number, e-mail)

2. Providing any personal data is voluntary.

3. Users can browse the Shop and included in the Shop offers relating to goods or without prior registration and administration of personal data.

4. By submitting an order, the Buyer agrees to the processing and use of their personal data for the purpose of order completion. These data are not processed or used for any other purpose.

5. Personal data recorded in the database of the Shop http://www.alternativelongboards.com/ is used only for the Shop’s purposes and is not and will not be available to other third parties.

6. The data is stored with appropriate care and properly protected from access by third parties in accordance with the law dated 29 August 1997 on protection of personal data (Dz. U. from 1997 no. 133 position 883).

7. The Customer has the right to view his data, correct it as well as to require the Shop to stop using it.

8. The data can be viewed and changes after logging on the Shop.

9. When processing personal data the Seller strives to ensure protection against unauthorized access, being taken by an unauthorized person, illegal processing and their change, loss, damage or destruction.

10. We would like to inform that the online shop http://www.alternativelongboards.com/ uses cookies for the proper functioning.