So you wanna become a Team Rider?


We are looking for people who inspire and influence the community of longboarders and skaters.

The absolute must to join our family is that you have ridden and enjoyed the decks we made. Seriously. We are aware that not everyone loves our boards, but if you don’t, reach out to the brand you like. If you just wanna get free decks and you don’t care who gives them to you, better use your energy to get a job and buy the gear you like.

We offer two positions: Ambassadors & Team Riders. If you don’t have enough skills to represent us as a Team Rider, but if we like you, you are charismatic, make great content, and we see potential in you, we will offer you to become our Ambassador. As long as you have the drive to improve, it will be a great starting point.


Email us at the following:


  • Describe yourself. Tell us your story briefly - where do you come from, why skating/longboarding, why you want us to sponsor you.
  • In the following form send us links to all social media channels you have (YT, IG, FB, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Vimeo, Linkedin and so on. It’s not a requirement that you must have your profile on all of them! We just wanna get to know you best :). 
  • Share a “Why sponsor me” video. No requirements - be creative and be yourself. Show us what you got.
  • Describe how would you like the collaboration to be, what do you expect from us and what can you offer in return.
  • You have to be visible: active on your personal social media and be able to provide us with content to post on our channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).
  • Your online and personal presence must be positive. Being our team rider means that you will become a face of the Alternative Longboards brand. You can be the best longboarder in the world, but we don’t support rude and intolerant people. Respect for others & nature is very important for us.


In the subject say “Team Riders & Ambassadors Application”.


We are trying to respond to each message, but sometimes the delivery man comes to pick up orders, one of the machines starts making weird noises or something else happens that we forget to reply.


Are you throwing a longboarding/skateboarding event and looking for sponsors?


We support various longboarding & skateboarding events. If you want Alternative to support your event, email us at the following:


  • Provide any necessary information: where & when the event is taking place, discipline, how many contestants/public can take part, rules, event brochure, is it a registered contest or a wild one, contestant entry fee etc. 
  • Photos & videos & stats from previous editions
  • What are your expectations from us?
  • Means of promotion: how will the event & event sponsors be promoted
  • Any additional perks :) 


In the subject say “Events Sponsorship Application”. Please apply for an event sponsorship in advance (ideally 2-3 months) so that we have time to review your proposal and prepare prizes as we rarely have any boards in stock as the majority is custom made :).

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