SKATEBOARD QUO 2020 – Scorpio


Alternative Skateboards made with love to technology and durability.

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Alternative Longboards x Zodiac

We are born with a sign. Stars overlooking our lives form maps, guiding us through voyages of lifetime. Each of us has its own emblem, proudly representing position of the Sun throughout the year.Since the ancient times it is believed each zodiac depicts our behaviourand having deep knowledge of the stars could forsee what is yet to come. And to this day they leave a special marking on our characters. But years ago who understood the planets, ruled the civilisations. On a dark night with clear sky we can admire the very same view our ancestors once did, and connect with the same paths our zodiacs travel for us each day.

May your plans and people you meet always be in favour of what you are looking for.
Because everyone is born under a lucky star.



Do not fear its rather deterrent appearance though. Under hard black shell defended by poisonous needle, there is a warm soul hidden inside. Just let it roam freely around your life and it might become one of your dearest  friends on which you can peacefully rely on. Be sure not to judge it by the looks. Being quite emotional and having such armory, makes it a hard opponent to dispute with. Every relationship requires time. And time spent with Scorpio can be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. It might not make the decisions
for you, but surely will accept your every choice with a smile.



Ania Gawron says hi! She’s a graphic designer and illustrator, living and working in Sopot. Mainly inspired by three things:  medieval illumination, Chinese fairy tales and Polish illustration desing from the 1960s. Not quite an ordinary combination if you ask me. Why Scorpio? Because apart from her true sign, she considered it to be very interesting.




To build our boards we use 6 ply of Canadian Maple glued with Epoxy Resin. To make it stronger and give you extra POP we add Carbon Fiber tapes ! To give you more comfortable slides and protect your artwork, we use Slip’ N’ Slide Graphic.


ShapeSizeLengthNose LengthTail LengthWheelbaseNose (Angle)Tail (Angle)
Medium Concave7,7531,546,956,3214,224°20,5°
ShapeSizeLengthNose LengthTail LengthWheelbaseNose (Angle)Tail (Angle)
High Concave7,7531,176,576,2714,223,1°23,1°




Alternative Skateboards