Hi, I’m Łukasz. I was born in Ełk , which is famous for its beautiful surroundings with lakes. By the age of 21, I had been living with my parents and I obviously attended school. I have always enjoyed adrenaline-rush sports. When I was 11, I used to ride BMX quite a lot and it became my passion till 2009. After that, so when I was 15, I replaced a bike with a longboard. Hardly anyone knew what longboard is and people actually looked at me like at some kind of weirdo. Anyway, I went on riding longboard and started to develop skills, new tricks and slides. Then in 2010 came the first competition (Doping in Warsaw), where I met many people who shared the same hobby as mine.


After all these longboard-related events I started to think that it must be a great feeling to be the best rider. And I felt like becoming one. I devoted lots of time to learning new things and I spent any savings on new wheels or boards. There were more competitions I took part in and in which I actually was placed quite high. So years were passing, my skills getting better and better, but the life in Masuria, hills or mountain-deprived region, started to be a bit boring.


The thing is, I had to drive 500 km or so (one way) in order to take part in any competition or even to train and practise on a more challenging route. It was irritating, because my passion to longboard grew stronger, but I had less opportunities. I finished 4-year-technical school and then got a job. Eight hours by the injection molding machine that ejected the same parts every 20 seconds – what a fascinating and thrilling activity, right? 🙂 So a few months later, in November, we decided together with my fiancée Asia that something had to be done. We didn’t want this dull work in Ełk till the end of our lives. The outcome of our discussion was pretty interesting – we got married on 23rd May 2015 and the following week we left our families and moved to Nowy Sącz.


We managed to save some money during the winter and decided to have holidays of a lifetime! We participated in most longboard events in Poland, also had a chance to join some in the Czech Republic and Slovenia. If we had been in Ełk, we wouldn’t have had a chance to participate in so many events. Why have we chosen Nowy Sącz? Alternative Longboard team moved here in 2014 – they’re our good friends who help us whenever we need them.


I’ve always wanted to make longboards. There were nights when I used to sit in a basement gluing plywood, which surely looked pretty much amateurish, but I enjoyed it anyway. I hoped that one day I’d have a chance to work with Alternative guys and guess what – it did happen:) After the biggest trip (Kozakov + KNK) I got down to work. I can now honestly say that my dreams came true. I live in the area with mountains, there are countless challenging routes around here and I make longboards. Sorry, THE BEST longboards in the whole wide world:D However, I haven’t finished setting new goals yet, I’m going to achieve them step by step. And my adventure here, in a new place, has actually just started.