1Progress – development, improvement, transition to a higher stage.
2Fight – ambiguous concept, meaning confrontation and struggle of individuals, communities or forces.

Everything we do, we create for a single purpose – to provide better quality and especially to develop. Nothing can describe what we feel, from being vastly pissed off when something is not working despite the large amount of work, to the huge joy when one of the ideas being developed eventually succeeds. A constant struggle, though exhaustive, gives us a lot of satisfaction. Even if the solution will not go live, it gives a different perspective on the problem and the knowledge, by which we can further develop.



Seemingly simple thing as a longboard, whose production consists of several seemingly easy steps: preparation of materials, laminating, pressing, cutting, and finish, can cause many problems. Just as one swallow does not make a summer, to produce one board is not the same as to release the serial production. I remember as it was today, how we enjoyed having created the first series of boards – 5 items. FIVE ITEMS – seems like nothing, but it gave us a glimpse of what we must pay attention to and how long way we still have ahead.



Every change we introduce, we test the best we can. We make sure that the perfect solution at first glance will not have adverse effects on the product quality or it will not be impossible to use in mass production. Therefore, we frequently face a choice – new and possibly better or good and verified solutions. Although it’s sometimes hard to notice, our product constantly changes. Some of the solutions will not be visible to the end customer, but we can assure you with a clear conscience that our boards get better every year.



One of the best examples of recently introduced innovations is the new milling cutter, which we use to cut our boards. Most skateboarders does not have to think about it, however, a cutter is very important if we take into account the production process. Looking for a suitable tool, taking into consideration all the guidelines it must satisfy, among others vitality, appropriate diameter and working length, geometry of the workpiece, it creates us quite a problem to solve. In fact, only recently we found suitable tool that meets all requirements. The road to achieve this was long and winding, starting from consultation with various manufacturers, through tests of cutters in operating conditions, checking the quality of the edges, up to the comparison of lifespan. And all these steps were repeated at least 15 times. In the end, we reached our goals by finding a tool that best fits our needs. But this is not the end of work. What if there is another solution which will have better performance, or will work faster? For this reason, we must never stop seeking and constantly strive to develop.



And this is only one of the stages of production. We constantly try to be open to future improvement and explore new materials, to make users the most satisfied. When designing each collection we collect all the information on existing solutions. On the basis of these data, together with our riders, we develop a new collection for next year. However, to ensure that the next collection meets expectations, we need one more thing – feedback from users. It is thanks to conversation with you and your opinions that we receive from different sides (private conversation, facebook or board registration forms), we obtain the foundation to create new quality. It is because of you, we know our strengths and bad sides. We want to thank you for that and we hope that you will continue with us our fight for progress.


“Wise criticism enlightens, stupid quenches.”3